Nutrients play a crucial role in helping children live and grow healthily.  It is often difficult for them to get all the nutrition they need through diet alone.  Likewise, it can be challenging to find a multivitamin that tastes good enough to them to take each day.  Reload Tonic, Reload Kidz Syrup and Reload Infant Drops are all great-tasting liquid multivitamin supplements that kids like to take.  Because they are liquid, these supplements are quickly and easily absorbed by the body, greatly reducing the likelihood of nutritional deficiency.  Reload Tonic, Reload Kids’ Syrup and Reload Infant Drops are scientifically formulated to enhance a healthy diet and help ensure that your kids get the nutrition they need each day.


Reload Infant Drops is formulated to meet the unique nutritional needs of infants and provides recommended daily values of critical vitamins along with DHA, a compound shown to support proper brain development in infants and children. *


Reload 4 Kidz Multivitamin Syrup is a premium once-daily liquid supplement with a full-spectrum of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants our kids need most. Kids love the taste, and with ingredients like DHA, Choline and Inositol that support optimal growth and development, parents can trust the nutritional support. *


Reload Tonic is a liquid multivitamin enhanced with high-quality Iron, Echinacea and Bilberry to support optimal immunity by aiding the body in its production of red blood cells. *